Cookies policy

Use of cookies

"Part of the flexible services use cookies".

A cookie is a very small text that a web server can store on the hard disk of a computer to store some information about the user.

Typically web pages use cookies to obtain statistical information about their web pages, and to analyze the behavior of their customers.

A cookie is not an executable file, nor can it spread or contain a virus and must not exceed 4000 characters.

1. Own cookies uses cookies solely for the purpose of evaluating the statistics on the use of their websites. saves only the following information from your computer about the only implemented mechanism: user and preferences such as preferred language and the date of the cookie. This will allow you to be aware of future visits to our website and will not have to re-create settings. No personal, economic or health information is being stored.

  • _electro_sess: Cookie used for user navigation
  • _electro_csfr: Cookie security
  • _elec_rememberme: Cookie for registered user navigation
  • _elec_maps_pref: Cookie Settings Pixmap
  • _elec_lang: Cookie language settings

2. Cookies from third parties

Cookies or third-party widgets like Twitter and Facebook use their own cookies. They also use AdSense to double-click on their cookies to manage advertising. Questions on the websites of the individual providers answer the guidelines of cookies.

  • __gads: Cookie adsense

3. Cookies for analytics

Cookie Analytics to create Google Analytics statistics: Google Analytics is a free web analytics tool from Google, which primarily allows website owners to know how users interact with your site. Cookies also allow in the domain of the site to see where you are and use a set of cookies called "_utma" and "_utmz" without identifying individual user information anonymously to collect website trends and see where websites users come from. More information

  • _ga: Google Analytics cookie
  • _utma: Google Analytics cookie
  • _utmb: Google Analytics cookie
  • _utmc: Google Analytics cookie
  • _utmz: Google Analytics cookie
  • _utmv: Google Analytics cookie

4. Cookies management

You can enable or disable cookies in all Internet browsers or limit the options in the settings or browser options. To do this please follow the instructions in the help menu of your browser.

Many browsers allow the setting cookies to be deleted after the visit. Depending on the browser, this "private surfing" is named differently. We recommend to google for the name "private surfing" in connection with your browser version to see how to configure it in case you should prefer this setting.