Why It Is Important To Have a Charging Station for Electric Vehicles in a Hotel? In the last years electric mobility has taken a big step forward. Thanks to manufacturers like Tesla, believing seriously in this new type of alternatively driven vehicles the direction towards electric cars is very clear. The bigger car manufacturers are increasingly presenting new full electric cars. Many countries are increasingly giving incentives to ecological traffic policy As a consequence, electric and hybrid vehicles are already normal on the roads in The Netherlands or Norway. The increment of electric vehicles also requires an increased battery charging infrastructure. Regarding electric long distance rides, hotels will play a major role in this game.

Every year, new electric cars with more driving range capacity are driving in our streets. As the ranges are growing, any short or long distance ride will be possible with any electric car in the future, as it is already today for tesla cars in USA and western europe with unlimited range, thanks to the „supercharger“ network. For the last centuries, hotels have been indispensable for any traveler. Their infrastructure changed from sleeping places with basic man and horse feeding to modern service providing car parking and innumerable options of accomodation, catering, wellness and so on. In the era of electric mobility a hotel will increasingly be a strategic point for those who choose to travel with their electric vehicle and to make the travel convenient. Charging stations for the vehicle batteries will be a new indispensable prerequisite. Thus the customer can be attracted and satisfied with a complete service that will allow him to have his vehicle fully recharged the next day. Thus, every charging socket attracts additional business for the hotel, adds positive ecological image to it, and helps electric mobility to grow.

Today there are already several hotels that have charging stations (check our website) . Electric vehicle drivers today are still situated in the upper income bracket. This economically interesting clients will prefer hotels with overnight charging .

This economically interesting clients will prefer hotels with overnight charging .

If you already have a charging station or suitable electric sockets nearby parkings (from 16 Amperes) you can already take part in the Chargehotel Network. You can benefit from a exclusive, worldwide and centralised list of all hotels that like to welcome the „new electric mobile Guests“.

Our aim is to convince hotel owners and to accelerate the change to the future of mobility. Your aim could be opening up new resources achieving a new segment of customers, offering your guests an attractive new service and, by the way promoting your positive environmental image.

You should not miss this „triple win“: Hotel - Guest – Nature, as we are convinced of.