After 80 days and more than 27,000 kilometers driven by each team, the 11 participating 80edays teams arrived in Barcelona at the same spot where 80 days ago this magnificent rally around the world began.

This milestone in the automotive history led the teams to set a new world record as the previous record of 127 days, achieved by the ambassador of the event and Electromaps partner Rafael de Mestre in the first edition held in 2012. Only 80 days after the start this second edition closed under the Arc de Triomf in Barcelona.

Captura de pantalla 2018-01-30 a las 10.02.51 and Electromaps helped all participants to find different charging points where you can "refuel" the vehicles all the way along the globe over thousands of kilometers.

On arrival in Barcelona ​​all participants showed clear signs of exhaustion after so many hours behind the wheel but once crossed the finish line and glimpse the new achieved record, joy came over everyone including the many fans. Curious people passing by decided to stop for several minutes to applaud and congratulate all the brave teams.

We could exchange a few words with some of the participants, the Austrian team, coincided to have had been a time of "great and unique experience" life, and they never thought that "people were so hospitable to them in any situation, whether good or bad ". In addition, they noted that the difficulty to find charging points was "easier than expected", especially in North America. "In fact the best charging point was in a car wash in Canada." Regarding the car, they had no fault, although it is true that some of the participants suffered occasional mishap not depriving them from crossing the finish line.

Captura de pantalla 2018-01-30 a las 10.02.59

Undoubtedly, the team that has surprised on arrival was the Hungarian aboard a fully electric bus. Its only drawback was that only the kilometers traveled North America and Europe, and in Asia it could not by bureaucratic problems and transport. Still, the Hungarian team also agrees that "has been a rewarding experience, not only for themselves but also for the world and the future of electric mobility."

No doubt the 80eDays is a great way to raise awareness and show the world that electric mobility is no longer a future, but is already part of this and that increasingly demands more prominence in a world that needs shouting mobility clean and free of emissions.

Congratulations to all participants and encourage them to, after this great success of the second edition, are put to work to prepare a third. It's that they say, no two without three.