News about hotels with charge stations

80 day race around the world with electric vehicle

After 80 days and more than 27,000 kilometers driven by each team, the 11 participating 80edays teams arrived in Barcelona at the same spot where 80 days ago this magnificent rally around the world began. This milestone in the automotive history led the teams to set a new world record as the previous record of 127 days, achieved by the ambassador of the event and Electromaps partner Rafael de Mestre in the first edition held in 2012. Only 80 days after the start this second editi [...]

Why is important to have a charge station for EV in a Hotel?

In the last years, especially with the unstoppable growth of Tesla, the electric vehicle has taken a big step forward. Thanks to manufacturers starting to believe seriously in this new type of alternative mobility the direction is very clear and the political instruments are pushing the industry immensly to get rid of gas cars as soon as possible. Electric and hybrid vehicles are already normal on the roads (in some countries more than others). There is still much work to be done like the extension of the range however, the increase of [...]